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Who We Are

SEDCO Capital is a global asset management firm that offers attractive investment opportunities across global markets through carefully engineered public and private funds and special instruments. Established in 1976, SEDCO Capital has crafted a three-decade long track record of robust performance combined with prudent investment strategies.

We have pioneered a world-class Prudent Ethical Approach (PEI) that combines the best of Shariah-compliance with ethical investing to create exceptional performance while minimizing downside risks.


SECO Capital offers advisory, discretionary management and asset allocation services that deliver access to high-performing public and private equities, commodities, income funds, and real estate assets. Our clients benefit from world-class investment instruments, including those offered through our international Luxembourg platform.

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Board Members

CEO’s Message

SEDCO Capital has established itself as a partner of choice for sophisticated investors seeking diverse Shariah-compliant investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

We are proud to have aligned our interests with those of our clients by generating market-beating performance through careful and prudent asset allocation, and by innovating investment instruments that offer exposure to a promising set of diverse asset classes worldwide.

Our asset managers and strategists successfully predicted key market movements in response to geopolitical changes, and safeguarded investor returns by adapting cyclical asset allocations. We also enhanced our reputation as an asset manager of choice globally from a Shariah and ethical investment perspectives.

Our innovative Prudent Ethical Investment (PEI) approach, which combines the best tenets of ethical investing with our Shariah-compliant focus, has gained international traction. We have seen that returns can be improved through ethical and Shariah investment strategies that avoid conventional highly exposed leveraged portfolios.

At the same time, our international presence continues to grow through our Luxembourg platform, which brings innovative offerings to global investors. The platform, which was launched in 2014 to give international investors access to SEDCO Capital’s investment instruments, now offers several liquid and illiquid strategies to clients.

Through our years in the market, we have focused on creating a premium and diversified portfolio of assets through well thought out asset allocation programmes. Our emphasis on bringing world-class expertise to asset allocation has helped us outperform the market even in times of volatility.

We serve our investors in both Advisory and Discretionary Portfolio Management capacities. Our DPM assets under management have grown year on year since 2014 as institutional investors and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) look to private placements that safeguard their interests. Meanwhile, our Advisory capabilities are also attracting new clients, with the team helping investors construct their own portfolios from SEDCO Capital’s investment products, while supporting with insights and market intelligence.

In closing, I acknowledge the vital guidance provided by the Capital Market Authority in Saudi Arabia and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg. They both have our full commitment in upholding and raising standards that seek to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

I also thank our shareholders for their support and commitment, and our Board of Directors for their wisdom and leadership. Finally, I would like to laud our employees for their commitment, expertise and dedication. It is their contribution that has made SEDCO Capital an international asset manager of repute.

Samer Abu Aker Chief Executive Officer

Executive Team


SEDCO Capital’s strong market performance and robust asset management capabilities have resulted in a number of industry recognitions, accolades and awards.



SEDCO Capital Global Funds

SCGF (SEDCO Capital Global Funds) is the biggest Shariah compliant SIF (Specialized Investment Fund) in Luxembourg. We offer a range of investment products under the main asset classes which appeal to the international and local investment community. We launched our first funds in May of 2012, under the supervision of SEDCO Capital and SEDCO Capital Luxembourg experts.

SCGF is the largest platform of its kind in the world. Each fund is available with sizeable assets, valued at more than $100M (US) on average.

SEDCO Capital Luxembourg

SEDCO Capital Luxembourg was established for the sole purpose of managing Luxembourg specialized investment funds* (SIFs), subject to the amended 13th February 2007 law on SIFs. Its activities are within the limitations of chapter 16 of the 2010 law and include asset management, promotion and the administration of SEDCO Capital Global Funds. A Wholly Owned subsidiary of SEDCO Capital Saudi Arabia.

SEDCO Capital Luxembourg SA is a Societe Anonyme and was registered in Luxembourg on 2nd May 2012.