Our Interests Aligned

SEDCO Capital is a global asset management firm that offers attractive investment opportunities across global markets through carefully engineered public and private funds and special instruments. Established in 1976, SEDCO Capital has crafted a three-decade long track record of robust performance combined with prudent investment strategies.

We have pioneered a world-class Prudent Ethical Approach (PEI) that combines the best of Shariah-compliance with ethical investing to create exceptional performance while minimizing downside risks.

SEDCO Capital offers advisory, discretionary management and asset allocation services that deliver access to high-performing public and private equities, commodities, income funds, and real estate assets. Our clients benefit from world-class investment instruments, including those offered through our international Luxembourg platform.


Our Products

SEDCO Capital has a wide range of Asset Management and Advisory offerings encompassing public and private equity, commodities, income funds and real estate investments as well asset allocation.

Our Services

SEDCO Capital has a wide range of investment opportunities for both retail and private investors. These include local and international real estate opportunities, private equity placements, special project vehicles, public equity funds, and income-generating instruments.

Asset Management

SEDCO Capital's world-class asset management capabilities span global markets to give investors access to the most attractive asset classes. Our asset management teams are populated by a top-notch team of global experts – resulting in a long track record of market-beating performance.

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We deliver institutional grade investment advice through our Advisory arm. Clients benefitting from SEDCO Capital’s Advisory function construct their own portfolios from SEDCO Capital’s investment products, and are backed by SEDCO investment team’s insights, market intelligence and support.

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