SEDCO Capital announces a change in the composition of the Board of Directors of SEDCO Capital Flexi Saudi Equities Fund due to the resignation of the Chairman of the Board Dr. Abdulraouf Banaja (Independent Director and Chairman) and the appointing of Mr. Tariq Linjawi (independent member) to replace him as Chairman of the Board, in addition to the appointment of Mr. Ziad Alakeel as an (Independent Director of the Board); effective 11 October 2020. The new Board members of the Fund post the change are:

1    Mr. Tariq Linjawi (Independent Director and Chairman)

2    Mr. Ziad Alakeel (Independent Director)

3    Mr. Ahmed Tourson (Executive Director)

4    Eng. Ayman AlBashir (Executive Director)

5    Mr. Abdulwahhab Abed (Executive Director)