Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 22nd May 2016: With international interest in the Kingdom’s economic plans following the announcement of the new Saudi Vision 2030 plan, Hasan AlJabri, CEO of SEDCO Capital participated in the key note financial panel at Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference, which received strong institutional support as a platform for dialogue between international, regional and national financial organizations.

The conference which was co-hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Finance was themed under several titles including “Saudi Vision 2030″; Global Expectations and their Impact on Saudi Arabia; Oil Strategy and International Markets; Fiscal Policy and National Transformation Plan “NTP”, discussed the many challenges posed by the 2016 the global financial landscape and how the Kingdom can face them with its customary resilience.

During the Saudi Financial Roundtable, AlJabri highlighted SEDCO Capital’s alignment with the ،ingdom’s 2030 Saudi vision through exploring the potentials of several of these initiatives. AlJabri emphasized on the potential of increasing Hajj and Urmah visitors to 30 million for both the economy and businesses in the real-estate and services sectors which leads to job creation within the Saudi community.

When asked about active management amongst Saudi asset managers, AlJabri noted that emerging marketing in general have inefficiencies, the only way to overcome these inefficiencies is though active management.

Stressing on the importance of responsible investing, AlJabri pointed out SEDCO Capital’s desire to ensure that investors make a positive contribution to the societies in which they operate to create sustainable economic development. This has inspired SEDCO Capital to create a new concept called “PEI” (Prudent Ethical Investing) where all the Responsible Investments & Environmental, social and governance variables are included adding to it the “prudent” aspect which is derived from the firm’s Sharia investing guidelines.

SEDCO Capital introduced ESG to all of the different asset classes it has. It currently has over $850 million invested in Prudent Ethical Investments and plans to roll out more in the near future.