Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 22nd May 2016: SEDCO Capital organised its fifth annual “Windows on Markets 2016” event, which focused on Endowments in the Kingdom. Attended by senior company officials and local and international experts, the conference themed “Saudi Endowments, Prospects & Cases”, discussed endowments in the Kingdom and future plans to advance this key sector.

The meeting, which brought together a group of international endowment experts, highlighted the investment opportunities as well as the challenges facing endowments today and ways to overcome them. The event also examined several issues related to investments in endowment funds, with participants sharing their experiences in local and international markets.

In his opening remarks, SEDCO Capital CEO Hasan Al Jabri said: “This year’s theme was chosen due to the development of a number of endowments over the last several years, with the support of King Abdullah, may his soul in peace, and King Salman, may Allah protect him. Endowments are served by prominent families to benefit the next generations and the underprivileged. Throughout Islamic history, endowments has invested in various sectors such as health, education, construction of roads, water projects, mosques and charity organizations.”

He added: “Through our communication with clients, we realised that there was a void in information about endowments in the Kingdom. We mobilised resources and organised this event which covers all aspects of endowments with the aim of achieving fruitful results in this key sector moving forward.”

Three factors have determined this conference’s theme. Endowments are important investment tools with economic returns. Secondly, investing in endowments falls in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, which essentially focuses on hajj and umrah pilgrimages that are directly linked with endowments, in terms of possession of property in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Thirdly, other cities in the Kingdom can support the goal of sustainability highlighted in Saudi Vision 2030, in terms of empowering institutions and individuals, in cooperation with executive and legislative stakeholders, to achieve a sustainable economy.

According to preliminary estimates, the endowment sector is valued at SR500 billion, with a six percent economic return.

During the event, SEDCO Capital experts provided a detailed outlook on the local and international real estate industry as well as opportunities in endowment investing offered by the firm.

SEDCO Capital has held this annual conference since its inception in 2010, turning the meeting into a forum of thought and platform for local and international experts to examine various investment topics on a global level.