Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 29th March 2015: SEDCO Capital, a leading Saudi asset manager, has once again received industry recognition for its stellar performance and has taken home “Best Shariah Compliant Real Estate Fund Management Team” award at the CFI awards held in London.

Commenting on the win, Hasan Al-Jabri, Chief Executive Officer of SEDCO Capital said: “This prestigious award stands as a testament to SEDCO Capital’s unique proposition which is driven by the team’s dedication, the group’s successful strong heritage and solid track record in Real Estate investments both locally and internationally.”

“We are delighted to be awarded the Best Shariah Compliant Real Estate Fund Management Team, this recognition validates our commitment to delivering value consistently to our investors whilst giving us even more motivation to continue to perform at the highest level as we continuously challenge ourselves to be more innovative in offering unique, well managed and superior products and services that enhance our clients’ portfolio diversification strategies.” He added. SEDCO Capital aligns its clients’ interest through the ‘partnership’ concept by investing at least 20% stake in any real estate or other investment opportunity in their group’s name.

The award is in recognition of the company’s proven track record in real estate investments globally. Having launched SEDCO Capital Real Estate Income Fund I (SCREIF I), SEDCO Capital’s first core Saudi focused real estate fund in 2011, the fund has grown to include eight assets – with a portfolio value of approximately SAR 596 million (last valued in December 2014).

SEDCO Capital has been investing in Saudi and global real estate for around 40 years, in the past 3 years it executed real estate transactions internally in excess of US$ 1 billion which included 19 assets in the US and the UK. In addition, SEDCO Capital has successfully completed the divestment of 21 assets in France, Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico which cements its place as a leading real estate investment manager. The company focuses on non-cyclical and need-based sectors including retail, residential, industrial and healthcare.

The CFI judging panel commented: “Due to the company’s firm commitment to innovation grounded in history and custom, the judging panel considers SEDCO Capital an exemplary real estate fund manager: fads and fashions are shunned, while true innovation – the one that adds value to all stakeholders and respects their preferences – is given ample room to mature. Beyond any shadow of doubt, SEDCO Capital fully merits the 2014 Best Sharia-Compliant Real Estate Fund Management Team Saudi Arabia Award.”

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