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SC Balanced Fund invests directly in the shares of selected liquid strategy funds, in the units of other investment funds, and in short-term murabahas, in accordance with Shariah investment guidelines.

Fund domicile: Luxembourg (SIF)*
Fund currency: USD
Asset class: Public Equity
Inception date: 21/07/2014
Fund term: Unlimited duration
Investment style: Discretionary strategy. The investment manager looks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by implementing a top-down and forward-looking investment process for selecting investment themes and regional markets that are expected to outperform the benchmark.
Benchmark: 50% Dow Jones Islamic Market World Total Return Index (DJIMT) 25% 30-day moving average of one-month Saudi Arabian Interbank Bid Rate (SAIBID) (Bloomberg Ticker: SAID1M) 25% Dow Jones Sukuk Total Return Index ex-reinvestment (DJSUKTXR)
Investment manager: SEDCO Capital

Investment objective:

To provide diversification across asset classes, regions, investment styles and industries through investment Funds.

Investment policy:

The Fund is not limited to any geographical region or investment theme. It may invest more than 30% of its net assets in undertakings for collective investment to diversify the exposure (equal at least to the diversification requirements applicable to the fund) to all or part of the Fund’s investment universe.
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* Specialized Investment Fund
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