ProductsSC Money Market Fund


SC Money Market Fund is a private, open-ended investment fund compatible with Shariah investment guidelines. Established in the Kingdom in accordance with Capital Market Authority regulations, the fund was incepted in August 2015 as a private placement fund.

Fund domicile: Saudi Arabia
Fund currency: SAR
Asset class: Income Assets
Inception date: 24/08/2015
Fund term: Unlimited duration
Investment style: Active strategy
Benchmark: 30-day moving average of the one-month Saudi Riyal Interbank Bid Rate (SAIBID)
Investment manager: SEDCO Capital

Investment objective:

The fund’s primary objective is to achieve capital growth, while maintaining liquidity and invested capital over the medium to long term, based on the adoption of deliberate investment strategies. These include investing in bank deposits, sukuk, future transactions, and other assets, securities, investment funds and low-risk instruments compliant with Shariah principles.

Provided that the long-term or short-term credit rating is not less than the investment grade, and in the absence of a credit rating, the fund manager relies on its internal analysis to make investment decisions. The fund can invest its assets locally or globally.

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