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SC Europe Equities Fund pursues a discretionary strategy and aims to outperform its benchmark by investing in sustainable, long-term quality growth companies, in the expectation that returns will match the underlying growth in earnings of these companies, net of fees, over the long term.

Fund domicile: Luxembourg (UCITs) and the merger date to UCITs was in May 22, 2024
Fund currency: USD
Asset class: Public Equity
Inception date: 12/11/2013
Fund term: Unlimited duration
Investment style: Discretionary strategy
Benchmark: Dow Jones Islamic Market Europe 5/10/40 Capped Index (USD) TR (Bloomberg ticker code: DJIEDUUT)
Investment manager: Comgest Asset Management International Limited

Investment objective:

The investment objective of the Fund is to out-perform the Dow Jones Islamic Market Europe 5/10/40 Capped Index (USD) TR (Bloomberg ticker code: DJIEDUUT) over the long term.

Investment policy:

The Fund aims to invest directly, in accordance with the Shariah Investment Guidelines and the Investment Restrictions, in equities of companies domiciled in, economically tied to, or listed on stock exchanges of Europe.

The Fund may invest in companies internal or external to the Benchmark meaning that it is not tied by the Benchmark constituents in order to determine its investment universe.

Subject to the limits set out in the Investment Restrictions, the Fund may also invest in bank deposits, money market instruments and money market funds in order to achieve its investment goals, for treasury purposes and in case of unfavourable market conditions. For defensive purposes in case of exceptional market conditions and in the best interest of investors, the Fund may invest up to 100% of its net assets in these instruments on a temporary basis.
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